WHAT A PICKLE: Buy-From Shropshire Food & Drink Hub @ Ludlow Food Festival

1. You have exhibited before at LFF -  what was the highlight and what are you looking forward to most at this year’s Festival? 

I have not exhibited at LFF for a few years, I am really thrilled to be there this year alongside the fabulous Shropshire Cheese Nibbles, I love the infectious atmosphere and intensity of the passionate foodie visitors.

2. What inspired you to turn your food/drink product into a business?
I have always had a great love of food and flavours, for many years I made my Tomato Chilli Jam for my family and at an early age my children learnt the difference of something that was made with passion using delicious ingredients versus other more widely produced offerings, it was from here that I decided to take my home What A Pickle out for others to also enjoy...

3. Tell us about a typical working day in the life of your business.
Well it has to start with exercise of some description mostly riding, then a good breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and muesli, I then land at my desk, with three things on my mind, looking after established customers, (calling before 11am) contacting new ones and then maintaining development of new products.  As I am a one man band I do my accounts after hours.

4. Is there anything new & exciting happening within your business that we can look forward? 
I have a really exciting new product to launch at the festival which I feel will enhance my current offerings, current feedback is it is another addictive essential for the kitchen cupboard! My new gift box has been really well received too. I am currently working on producing a couple of my products in different packaging to enable them to be used in festival picnics, particularly where no glass is allowed. 

Favourite food? Hard……….possibly easier to say what I don’t like!  I love all food that is simple and tasty – can't be doing with overly fussy food, fresh ripe home grown tomatoes on garlicy toast or a dam good omelette will do me. 
Favourite drink? Apple juice from my garden with fizzy water or Chilled Rose on the alcoholic front! 
Favourite place to eat in Shropshire? Either Cicchetti or CSons in Ludlow.
Favourite place to shop in Shropshire?  Ludlow of course.
Favourite place in Shropshire? Nordy Ring, Brown Clee. 

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