Spring Fair 2018 Experience: Lish d'Lish

What has been your highlight of Spring Fair 2018? 

Spring Fair has really helped me to decide which direction my business should be going in and has highlighted who my core trade customers are. Talking to customers, colleagues and other business owners I have been able to share ideas and gain lots of advice to help me steer my business in the right direction for me.


How has being a part of Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association stand helped your presence at the show? 

As a small start-up, firstly I would not have been business able to afford a stand on my own at the fair but in addition to this as I was linked to other stands from Buy-From and The Giftware Association customers were attracted to the stand as a whole, creating interest that would not have been there otherwise.


What are your thoughts on future trade shows like Spring Fair? 

I think they create fantastic opportunities and well worth doing if you can afford it.


What experience have you gained from the show? 

I have learnt how to present my products to the trade, rather than directly to the consumer and I have picked up quite a few tips on how to avoid pitfalls whilst working in the retail industry.



On average, how many contacts/leads have you gained? 

I have gained at least 8 good leads, 2 orders and the interest of a reputable agent who will hopefully create larger orders for me.