Spring Fair 2018 Experience: Anne Reeves

What has been your highlight of Spring Fair 2018? 

Meeting and getting to know other members of the Buy-From Shropshire group, both producers and the Buy-From team  and indeed the GA staff. We all really ‘bonded’ and it made the whole experiences much more fun and enjoyable.  It was also lovely to see the stand taking shape after all the preparation and planning. 

How has being a part of Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association stand helped your presence at the show? 

Being part of the group at the show meant that we were much more visible to potential customers. It is such a large show and it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed amongst the other stands when you are a small company. It was easier for the customers as well – they could visit the stand and see several Shropshire producers at the same time, which they said they found much more time-efficient.

What are your thoughts on future trade shows like Spring Fair?

 I would be very interested in taking part in another trade show in the future. 

What experience have you gained from the show? 

I have become more confident speaking to customers, telling them about my business, and finding out about theirs. Because I sell mainly online, it was very interesting to see the retailers reaction to my jewellery collections, particularly the new designs. This was very useful information. 

 On average, how many contacts/leads have you gained? 

Approximately 12-15 strong leads / orders. 

Further thoughts on Spring Fair 2018

I’m very glad I did it!