Spotlight: Tina Corfield Photography

1. Describe your photography style in three words
Artistic, creative, landscapes
1. What advice would you give to a budding photographer who wants to turn their passion into a business?
Invest in a good entry level camera with interchangeable lenses, go on a short course to learn the basics and have fun experimenting! Start selling your images/ services to friends and family initially, get honest feedback, be prepared to put in 7 days a week and to test the market and then go for a wider audience. Social media is essential to marketing your business and networking often leads to amazing and unexpected opportunities.
1. Do you have a favourite photograph you’ve ever taken, and why?
I have a few favourites, but I am probably most proud of this one. It’s called ‘Solstice Moon’ and I created it from an original photograph of the Super Blue Blood Moon I took on January 31st this year. The original image was published by the Shropshire Star. I did some digital artwork to the image, ‘painting’ in the stars, moon and people for an exhibition in Shrewsbury. The image has recently been shortlisted for the Qube, Oswestry open Art Exhibition 2018!
1. Is there anything exciting coming up in your business that we can look forward to? As well as the forthcoming exhibition, I have an expanding range of stockists now including Acton Scott Museum, Ludlow Castle and the British Ironworks Centre. I have also recently added to my ‘Coastal Impressions’ Range, inspired by North Wales and now display and sell at Salop Leisure Holiday Parks! I am working on a number of other exciting collaborations which will hopefully come to fruition this year and I am hoping to do more art/ digital art creations.
1. Have you got a favourite spot in Shropshire that you like to photograph, and why? I’m very torn here between three actually – The Wrekin, Dothill Nature Reserve and Apley Woods – all within a stones throw of where I live and my regular dog walking areas. If I had to pick one though – it would probably be Apley Woods where I photographed this beautiful Yew Tree Arch last Autumn and it has become one of my best sellers!
Favourite food? Mexican
Favourite drink? White Wine
Favourite place to eat in Shropshire? I would say Restaurant 1840  - a converted Methodist Church, which also just happens to have my photographs on display and for sale!
Favourite place to shop in Shropshire? Shrewsbury
Favourite place to go in Shropshire? The River Severn Meanders at Leighton

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