Spotlight on: Saloukee Jewellery

We caught up with Sarah Shakespeare, founder of Saloukee, this week! Read below, and then visit her website to see her beautiful collections. 

What advice would you give to a jeweller who is looking to sell their work commercially?  

Get your pricing right, if you don't include a good enough profit margin, you are setting your company up for a fall from the outset. Also, something I have learnt in more recent times, set yourself a minimum AND maximum order if you are selling at wholesale. An understanding of how many pieces you need to make as a minimum as to make it worth your while, as well as how many as a maximum of your capacity within a certain time scale are so important. 

Do you have a favourite piece in your collection? What is it and why? 

I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one piece, but I would say I have a favourite collection, it’s my Lost & Found collection. Which was inspired on a short break to Denmark. What began as a mission in finding the time to just ‘be’ evolved into an urge to capture that very moment of freedom in time. That holiday, I realised that creativity is at its most perfect for me, when I’m rediscovering escape and adventure and my Lost & Found collection ( really captures that for me.  In all of my collections, I try to find ways to transform the ordinary and every day, creating sentiment with the unconventional. I also undertake commissions from clients who would like their own stones/pebbles/beach glass set in a piece of jewellery. The perfect way to retain a memory, create a keepsake and remember that moment forever. ( 

Is there anything exciting coming up in your business that we can look forward to? 

I'm currently undertaking a year long project to celebrate my 10 years in business. I am on a mission to create a piece of jewellery every month throughout 2018 and have named it #ProjectWabiSabi. I am also honouring some of the brilliant women who have supported, inspired and been part of my business over the last 10 years by undertaking designer interviews with them. Then finally as part of this project, I am highlighting many brilliant independent businesses already being creative in the materials I am designing my new jewellery from. I have just a few months left of the project and I have some really exciting materials to explore, see my website for more: 

Does living and working in Shropshire inspire your work in any way? 

Of course. I'm a city girl by birth but love the countryside too, Shropshire does both of these things brilliantly. Living close to Shrewsbury enables me the buzz and culture that I crave but then within ten minutes I can be breathing in fresh air up Grinshill, seeing views of our beautiful county too. Both are inspiring in equal measures and I feel lucky that Shropshire has it all. 


Favourite food and drink? Dumplings and a good gin and tonic ... probably not enjoyed together. 
Favourite place to eat in Shropshire? Moli Tea House in the market hall, Shrewsbury 
Favourite independent business in Shropshire? Workshop SY1 - where I'm soon to host a necklace making workshop: 
Favourite place for a day out in Shropshire? Shrewsbury town centre - I love the unique independents, quirky back streets, tasty places to eat and ever full calendar of cultural events taking place. As someone not born and bred here, I always feel proud to show visiting friends and family my new hood.