Small Business Saturday UK: Tipsy Tart

In honour of Small Business Saturday this weekend, we've been speaking  to those small businesses we have the honour of working with. Here we have Elizabeth Grinker of Tipsy Tart - the fruity, funky and fun infused liqueur company. 

How long have you been running your business?

We started in 2013 on Easter day on our local matket stall in Ludlow which we still have today.  The idea came from liqueurs which I made as Christmas presents and everyone loving them.

Tell us a bit more about Tipsy Tart

we love what we do. We are a small family business making and selling luscious liqueurs at festivals around the country and from our website. We are in a few a few delis and, pubs and growing steadily.

It is so rewarding and we just love the praise and love we get from customers. The laughs at our name and how everyone loves it. The comments on our bottles and branding bring so much satisfaction after all the hard work perfecting it.

What started off as a dream has now become a company that is still going strong.  

What are the challenges with running your own small business?

The challenges are growing a company with virtually no capital base and keeping ahead of the competition and finding new ways to be creative. 

What is the best thing about running your own Small Business?

The fact that we can go to exhibitions around the country and stand shoulder to shoulder with big companies with big budgets. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to set up their own small business? 

Be prepared to give 24/7 of your time as it is never a easy ride building a company from scratch. In fact it us one if the hardest jobs there are.

What is the dream for Tipsy Tart? 

To grow where our Company is a  household and to sell to the rest of Europe and possibly the works .

What would you say was your most popular liqueur? 

We  have won two awards for our white chocolate vodka through The Heart of England Fine Foods and Alcester Food Festival. When  we serve cocktails at festivals and make our new white chocolate and raspberry cream everybody asks for the recipe as they absolutely love it. In the gins the most popular is our delicious mango and passionfruit liqueur

We love the saying that every bottle tells a story. So relax, enjoy the make The Tipsy Tart Liqueurs and your cocktails, a happy time.