MOYDEN'S HANDMADE CHEESE: Buy-From Shropshire Food & Drink Hub @ Ludlow Food Festival

1. You exhibited at last year’s Food Festival - what was the highlight and what are you looking forward to most at this year’s Festival?

We have exhibited for many years now and really love this original food festival that stays true to its roots. The highlight is the vast array of quality produce that is on display, where you can meet the people that actually make the produce. Also there are specialist talks and demonstrations that are thought provoking and really inspire!

2. What inspired you to turn your food/drink product into a business?
People are very disconnected with where their food comes from with a certain lack of knowledge or understanding, but things are changing and people are growing ever more interested in how their food is produced. Cheese is a perfect example of preserving food with limitless ways to influence flavour as it matures, the more we can inspire people to say “how have you done that!” the better we are able to link them back to wholesome, healthy and sustainable food which in turn will give us a richer, diverse food culture and is ultimately better for our health and our environment. 

3. Tell us about a typical working day in the life of your business.
No day is the same! When we make cheese I go to our neighbouring farm and help milk the cows at 5:30a.m. before bringing the milk back to the creamery where we start the make at 8:30a.m. we add starter culture and rennet to help separate the curds and whey and we can make three different styles of cheese from one make. By 6p.m. the curds are in their moulds and being pressed if needed or are draining overnight before the following day when they are salted. In between all of this we are keeping everywhere meticulously clean and all of our cheeses that are aging in our maturing rooms get turned. We finish the day off with cheese on toast and a cuppa! 

4. Is there anything new & exciting happening within your business that we can look forward? 
We see so many photos of people using our cheeses to cook with we thought we would throw down the gauntlet and challenge people to come up with their ultimate cheese on toast or cheese toastie! We challenged two top local chefs who took it on, visit our Intagram or facebook page to check out what they did but most of all we want to see what everyone else can do! We are also launching our latest cheese the Shrewsbury Fretta, a fresh crumbly cheese ideal for salads. We produce a “Naked” version but we have also collaborated with development chef Michel Nijsten and Bennett and Dunn cold pressed rapeseed oil who produce some natural seasonal flavours that we marinate the cheese in. Visit our stand over the festival to try our latest creations we would love to hear what you think! 

Favourite food? Cheese, what else!
Favourite drink? A rich, full bodied coffee. It helps at 5:30 in the morning! 
Favourite place to eat in Shropshire? James Sherwin’s Wild Shropshire restaurant 
Favourite place to shop in Shropshire? Anywhere that stocks unique local produce or crafts 
Favourite place in Shropshire? Our family home, because everything I need is there.

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