Looking back at Ludlow Food Festival: Champion and Reeves

Although Champion & Reeves was only established three years ago, their products are already being sold across the world and in major stockists such as Harrods and Partridges. 

At this year’s Ludlow Food Festival, Buy-From Shropshire caught up with Jacqueline Champion from the confectionary brand about the rapidly growing business. 

“We’ve had some wonderful beginnings,” says Jacqueline with warmth and excitement. 

Jacqueline, along with Andrew Reeves, set up Champion & Reeves in the hopes of bringing back the types of sweet treats that Callard & Bowser had sold before being taken over by Wrigley.  

While Jacqueline recalls receiving butterscotch sweets from her grandmother who always carried them, she tells us that Andrew can remember the treat of receiving nougat from his dad at Christmas. 

“We both had a childhood memory of these products,” she says. “We wanted to bring them back.” 

The products that they’ve brought back have “a slight modern twist”, being free from products such as gluten, gelatine, palm oil and shellac. 

“We’re very suited to a whole range of dietary requirements,” says Jacqueline, adding that quality and taste remains central to everything they sell. “We use very high-quality ingredients which makes a really delicious, traditional product.” 

To find out more about Champion & Reeves, visit their website: https://championreeves.com/