Jenny Tyler Artist: Small Business Saturday

In honour of Small Business Saturday this weekend, we have been speaking to our producers about their individual Small Businesses, and what the movement means for them. First up is JENNY TYLER ARTIST, an established watercolour portraitist and wire work sculptor based in Much Wenlock.

How long have you been running your creative business?

I have been painting and sculpting for approximately six years.

How did Jenny Tyler Art start?

I joined an art group here in Much Wenlock, after retiring from my bridalwear designing business, and very soon realised just how much I enjoyed painting.

Describe your art work for us?

I paint portraits of both humans and animals in both watercolour and oils, in a free-flowing and natural way. I also sculpt in both wire and clay.

What are the challenges in running a small creative business?

The biggest challenge is finding galleries, and worthwhile exhibitions in which to display my art. I am also keen to try to develop my private commissions, which I find immensely rewarding.


With all that you have achieved so far in your business, what are you most proud of?

The most rewarding thing of all, is completing a painting of someone's much loved relation or pet, and them being really thrilled with it !


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting up their own creative business?

 Best piece of advice is be true to your own style....don't be side-tracked into trying to change to attract more will only end dissatisfied with the results.

What are your plans for your business in the future? 
My main plan is to try to develop my portrait painting, as this really is what I love most.   

Do you have a favourite painting or sculpture? 
I am a big fan of Jonathan Yeo's work....check him out! 

With Christmas just around the corner, tell us why we should be buying from Jenny Tyler Art? 
It would be a really lovely thing to give a special person a painting of someone or something that means the world to them...a truly personal Christmas present. 

Apart from online, where else can we buy your art work? 
From now until the 22nd of December, I am in ' Next to the Bridge' pop-up-shop, in the old Ironbridge Gorge Museum shop on the Wharfage in Ironbridge.....come and check it out and find many lovely ideas for Christmas presents, cards and much more.