In the Spotlight: Lesley Palmer Art

Lesley is an extremely talented artist and illustrator who lives in beautiful Shropshire with her two border collies, Bunty and Mabel. She loves to draw and paint the intricate details of a horse, dog and other animals which really gives her the chance to capture their individual character and soul which is perfectly shown in the artwork she produces.


Lesley's real passion lies with horses and you can really see this in her equestrian artwork! Lesley was first put on a horse at the age of two and since then hasn’t looked back. She has trained thoroughbreds, driving ponies, polo ponies and event/dressage horses using mainly Monty Roberts techniques, and was happiest with her own horse, Murphy, pictured below. Horses really are in Lesley's blood and it takes someone who really understands and has immersed themselves with them to really capture all their features, their character and their movements.



Her equestrian collection ranges from the racing world to show jumping, dressage and even heavy horses working the fields. This collection is growing rapidly and with this in mind, Lesley has decided to take her artwork to numerous equestrian outings this year. Her first will be Eyton Point to Point being held on Monday 2nd April. For more details on visiting the point to point, visit the website - 


Later in the month, she will be at the Moor Farm polo event in Baschurch - another event not to be missed for keen equestrians.


If you would like to contact Lesley, then please visit her website here or her Facebook page here.