Stunning Shropshire Images | In Conversation with Shropshire and Beyond

I have been following the work of the father and son photographers behind Shropshire and Beyond for over a year now as they share their voyage around this stunning county and celebrate it with their incredible photography. I am so pleased that Shropshire and Beyond are now part of Buy-From Shropshire. They are also the official photographers for the Ludlow Food Festival, which is fantastic. Here I am in conversation with one half of Shropshire and Beyond, John Hayward. 

Shropshire and Beyond Benner

Name: John Hayward


Occupation:  Photographer


In three words describe Shropshire and Beyond: 

Stunning Shropshire Images


How did your business start?

I was tired of working 9-5 office jobs and needed a change. In 2012 I quit my job to get out in the open air with a camera.


Have you got a favourite image? What do you love about it?

In December last year I spent the morning on Titterstone Clee chasing the mist and saw a ring of trees appearing out of the mist. Later, I discovered it was Caynham Camp Iron Age hill fort. I love the dream-like and timeless quality of the image. (SAB9093)

Titterstone Clee by Shropshire and Beyond


What is your best-selling picture?

My best selling picture is one taken on the Lawley with dawn breaking over the Wrekin. It has the added bonus of a bird perched on a tree in the foreground. (SAB7560)

The Wrekin, Lawley by Shropshire and Beyond


What do you love most about running your photography business?

The freedom to do what I love.


With all that has been achieved in your career so far, what are you most proud of?

I am proud of our Shropshire book of pictures that is being published in September and will showcase the best of the county.


What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own creative business?

Have a good business idea, be confident and stick with it.


What are your plans for your business this year?

Spend more time in the Clun and Redlake Valleys and promoting our new book, A Year In Shropshire.


What’s in your camera bag?

Nikon D800, 14mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 200-500mm lenses


Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions:


Favourite Colour?


Favourite Food?

Homemade trail cookies that keep me going when I’m up the hills


Favourite movie?

Big Trouble in Little China


Favourite book

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad



Listening to the Grateful Dead


Favourite place to visit in Shropshire?

Any part of Shropshire at sunrise, it’s my favourite time of the day to photograph

Shropshire and Beyond Stunning Shropshire Images      Shropshire and Beyond Stunning Shropshire Images

Shropshire and Beyond Stunning Shropshire Images      Shropshire and Beyond Stunning Shropshire Images