Shrewsbury Winter Festival | In Conversation with Stephanie Jacobs

Shrewsbury Winter Festival

 In Conversation with Stephanie’s Creations




Stephanie Jacobs





In three words describe your work: 

Mixed media sculptures


Stephanie's Creations Mixed Media Sculpture

How did your business start?

I started experimenting with a new product called Paverpol which I had discovered online about 5 years ago. Really enjoyed working with it and then found a weekend workshop to attend to learn more about it. Came home from that totally inspired to create with it and haven't looked back since.


Have you got a favourite piece? Why?

One of my favourite pieces is called “Peekaboo” - it depicts a mother with babe in arms and children running around her playing peekaboo. It's happy, lively and I love the dynamics between them all. I can also relate to it being a mother of 5. But my favourites change as new ones come along, and I get very excited about ones which have a story to tell.

Peekaboo Stephanie's Creations


With all that has been achieved in your career so far, what are you most proud of?

I think the fact that I have found a way of creating something which triggers such an emotional response from others is my greatest achievement. It's really interesting to watch people's reactions when they look at my work. I have had people laugh, smile and cry!



What do you love most about running your creative business?

It's difficult to explain without sounding completely mad but I love the feeling of starting with a roll of garden wire and the most basic materials and feeling the energy and spirit of my creations evolve – they are sometimes quite magical.  I can only describe it as having a Tinkerbell or Geppetto moment. The more I get that feeling the better the creations turn out – always!

I also love the social side of my business; meeting fellow artists/artisans, being on the markets, and now running workshops.


What will people find when they come to see you at the Shrewsbury Winter Festival?

I will have sculptures for sale and will also be demonstrating the preliminary stages of making a sculpture.

Stephanie's Creations at Christmas


What are you looking forward to most about the Shrewsbury Winter Festival?

I'm looking forward to the buzz of the show, being part of the Buy From Shropshire team and meeting lots of lovely people!


What are your plans for Christmas?



Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions:


Favourite Colour? Blue


Favourite Food? Anything


Favourite tipple? Wine


Hobby? Anything creative


Favourite place to visit in Shropshire? Castle Hill, near Church Stretton


What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year? All my children safe and happy


Stephanie will be exhibiting and selling her wonderful work with Buy-From Shropshire at this year's Shrewsbury Winter Festival. Visit Stephanie's website here or find her online with Buy-From Shropshire.