Shrewsbury Winter Festival | In Conversation with Stephanie Gaston

Shrewsbury Winter Festival

In Conversation with Stephanie Gaston



Name: Stephanie Gaston


Occupation:  Rag rug maker


In three words describe your work: colourful, organic, enjoyable


Textiles Reworked.png


How did your business start? A friend showed me the basic technique a few years ago and I was hooked.


Have you got a favourite piece? Why?  A poppy rug which measures 1 square metre, because it took a lot of red t-shirts and I needed to ask advice from an artist to get the right look.


With all that has been achieved in your career so far, what are you most proud of? Feeling confident enough to give talks about my craft.


What do you love most about running your creative business? The challenges of trying new techniques and many different textiles.



What will people find when they come to see you at the Shrewsbury Winter Festival? They will see a traditional craft being demonstrated and be able to have a go with vintage tools.



What are you looking forward to most about the Shrewsbury Winter Festival? Meeting people, hearing their memories of rag rugging, and showing them how to do it.


What are your plans for Christmas?

Relaxing with my husband and daughter and taking her dog for long walks after eating too much.


Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions:


Favourite Colour? Dusky pink


Favourite Food? Risotto


Favourite tipple? Contreau


Hobby? Reading


Favourite place to visit in Shropshire? Blists Hill, Ironbridge


What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year? Time to relax

You will find Stephanie Gaston demonstrating at the Buy-From Shropshire area at the Shrewsbury Winter Festival. Discover her new website here.