Press de Cuba: The Best Sandwich in Shropshire


Why start Press De Cuba? 


On a personal note I've always wanted to start my own business. There have been many ideas that have come and gone over time, almost all surrounding food. When Hannah and I discussed and developed this one, it stuck. 


I've loved cooking and tasting food from a young age. I would say I am the happiest when in the kitchen developing recipes and feeding friends and family. I met Hannah who shared my passion for food. I'd been developing sauces and marinades at home for years and we fell in love with the traditional Cuban mojo. After developing an authentic recipe for the mojo marinade and using it in Cuban sandwiches, we realised we had something pretty special that should be shared! We also took a slice of inspiration from the film ‘Chef’. If you haven’t already, watch it and you’ll see why.


Having watched, supported and sampled many dishes from the revolution of street food in the U.K. We both firmly agreed this was our doorway into the food industry. 



What have been biggest challenges you've faced starting out?


Both working full time in education and setting up a food business presented itself as a big challenge in the beginning and it still does at times. However, we have learnt to manage our time very efficiently. We have also learn to enjoy a well earned break when we find time for it, that is really important as all busy people will know. 


As the business has developed and growing into the future the newest challenge we face is being able to prepare enough stock for larger events. We have to make litres and litres of marinade from scratch, marinade dozens of kilograms of meat, cook the meat, pack the meat and transport the meat safely to the events. This is all done from our average sized home kitchen (sympathy please?). We are determined to overcome this obstacle as we will not allow the quality of our food to suffer in order to save time! 

Mojo Veggie Cubano


Why should a customer choose Press De Cuba?


We're enthusiastic about delivering great food, customer service and something truly unique around the UK. As one of the only Cuban street food traders around, we offer vibrant food that gives the customer a product packed full of Central American and Caribbean flavours as well as being substantial in size offering excellent value for money. The Cubano (Cuban sandwich) is iconic in the US and while being relatively unknown in the UK we are confident it will not stay that way for long!

Mono Pork Cubano


Are you available for private catering locally or nationally? 


Absolutely. We would consider all private catering events and have a mix of weddings and birthday catering jobs booked in for 2017 in Shropshire and the midlands. It's a totally different experience for us and it allows us to offer a more varied menu which would not be viable at a street food event or food festival. We offer packages to cater for all budgets and we are constantly developing our range of Cuban inspired sandwiches and side dishes. If your interested drop us a line 

Mojo Chicken Cubano


The future? 


Well, always the optimist, the sky is the limit. We hope to grow our business through both larger events and private catering events. We are thinking about investing in a food truck in order to reduce our set-up and strengthen the brand further. After that, who knows possibly a sandwich bar... dream big. 


Thank you to all those who have supported us on our journey so far, please continue to do so! 



Greg & Hannah 


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