As consumers today, we are demanding more from our producers, we are becoming more educated on where our produce comes from and what it is all about. We care for traditional values, quality produce and locality. Cheese-making truly is an ancient art-form and Moyden’s Hand made cheese is a Shropshire company that prides itself on its traditional methods, family values and of course its delicious taste.

When you think Shropshire Cheese it is hard not to mention Moyden’s as one of the leading brands in the county and beyond, and it’s hard to believe that this fantastic business was the brainchild of Martin Moyden, in 2005.

It was stories of farming and tales of ancient cheese-making from Martin’s grandmother that sparked the idea, tales that inspired and gives Moyden’s the special quality it holds today.

CH2_8652.jpgTales of a simplistic way of preserving cheese, traced back over 9000 years, that could still be used as a method today, as professionally and skilfully as was then.

Wanting to create and drive the business forward Martin intended to uphold these traditional methods and with the help of his wife Beth they began to create a wide variety of cheeses all with their own unique, delicious taste & quality. Using milk from a single herd of cows local to their small factory they began to try out some traditional techniques used by countless generations to achieve the highest quality cheese they could.

‘This all stems from a passion for quality, attention to detail and a lust for perfection’

Driven by their traditional values and passion, they have built the foundations as one of the finest award winning cheese-makers in Shropshire. Their cheeses convey the essence of Shropshire, a far cry from mass produced cheese and a difference they know their consumers will recognise,10996022_10152673547776534_8202603598941622081_n.jpg

‘The difference between mass produced cheese and that produced on a small scale was evident so Martin went about developing traditional cheese recipes that would display the cheeses provenance.’

Using a Shropshire farm, to the naming of each of the cheeses, Shropshire is at the heart of their business.With a varied and wide selection of cheeses to suit any palette and dish, they pride themselves on the quality that each cheese brings to their customer.

‘Our Wrekin Blue is our most popular cheese. Personally we both love our Caer Caradoc, its mild and subtle yet displays complex flavours that encapsulate the quality milk we use.

By staying true to their roots, this family business uses traditional techniques to produce an artisan product that conveys the heart of Shropshire in our county and beyond for their ever-growing loyal customer base and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Want to know where you can find Moyden’s? What is your favourite cheese? Check our website for more details!