Moyden's Cheese: Small Business Saturday

In honour of Small Business Saturday this weekend, we have been speaking to our producers about their unique small businesses, and what being a small business owner means to them. Here we have Martin Moyden of Moyden's Handmade Cheese, who is an integral part of the Shropshire foodie scene. 

Moyden's Cheese

How long have you been running your cheese business? 

13 years, lucky for some!


How did Moyden’s Cheese start?

I was inspired by my grandmother and her tales of how together with my grandfather they delivered milk by horse and cart to the locals of Newport. I felt that people in general are very disconnected with where their food comes from and I longed to change this. I researched how cheese was made and it captured my imagination as there are so many varieties created from just one raw ingredient, milk! I set about making small batches on the kitchen stove borrowing my grandmother’s jam kettle to do so. Some of the early batches of cheese were almost inedible which made me even more determined to learn as much as I could about cheesemaking.


Describe Moyden’s Cheese for us?

We make a range of multi award winning artisan cheeses that convey the essence of Shropshire. The cheeses we make are done so using traditional methods of production that date back thousands of years, each cheese is carefully nurtured by hand to reach its optimum maturity so that our customers can enjoy them to their full potential.


Traditional Methods of Moyden's Cheese 

What are the challenges in running a small business ?

There’s always something that goes wrong when you are least expecting it you just have to handle it as best as you can and don’t dwell on it!


With all that you have achieved so far in your business, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud that we are in business today and have survived some tough times. We shout about Shropshire and how wonderful it is which we hope reflects in the quality of cheese we produce.


Moyden's Cheese


What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting up their own business?

Go for it! But don’t be afraid to change, you have to adapt and keep things fresh in order to keep your customers attention.


What are your plans for your business in the future?

We are in an exciting part of our businesses development, we are focusing on our ethical standards and hope to further improve these with greater development of the technical side of our cheeses and utilising the milk and Shropshire unique flora to it’s full potential which in turn will create more exacting flavours to our cheeses. So expect to see some new products and improvements to our now classic Shropshire cheeses!


Do you have a favourite/best-selling product?

Our Wrekin blue is our best selling cheese especially at Christmas it’s a unique cheese that took me over four years to get the recipe anywhere near being good enough to sell! A real labour of love you might say!


Wrekin Blue


With Christmas just around the corner, tell us why we should be buying Moyden’s Cheese?

Quality, flavour and supporting this fantastic local economy!


You have a big event happening on 21 December. What can you tell us about this?  

We are having an open day where you can visit us between 2pm and 8pm enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie before having  a little tour of our artisan creamery. You can pre order your Christmas hamper which are on our new website shop and collect on the day so that your cheeses are as fresh as can be! You can even see your hamper or cheese selection being packed in front of your eyes! Tom will be joining us from Paso Primero, whose wine is in our hampers, to give out samples and talk about the amazing wine he produces. Also if you RSVP before the date we will enter you into a prize draw for a luxury hamper featuring our cheeses, Shropshire salumi, Paso Primero wine, Peter’s Yard crispbreads, Luscotts kitchen chutney and Olives so drop us an email on  or give us a call on 01630 639796 to be in with a chance of winning! We are looking forward to welcoming you along!

Moyden's Cheese Hampers