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If you have been to the Ludlow Spring or Food Festival over the past two years then hopefully you will have had a chance to meet Sam and Jacob, the brothers behind Tigg's. The Herefordshire brothers launched Tigg's in honour of their grandmother, whose original recipes make up the brand and remain unchanged over the years. It was a pleasure to meet the Sam and Jacob this week and hear Granny Tigg's story of adventure that has led to this moment. The brothers are incredibly and infectiously passionate about the brand and the products and have achieved an enormous amount since Tigg's launched in 2014. If you are heading to the Spring or Food Festivals this year then make sure you pay the Tigg brothers a visit and try their incredible sauces and dressings for yourself.


Sam and Jacob James



Two young entrepreneurial brothers who are food enthusiasts starting a "Tiggolution". 

In three words describe TIGG’S: 

Fun. Colourful. Healthy.


Tell us what readers can expect when they find you at the Ludlow Food Festival

Passion, laughter, a taste adventure and a story or two about Granny Tigg.

How did TIGG’S start?

Tigg's started with Granny winning Miss New Zealand when she was 16 in 1948. This achievement gave her confidence – empowered her to adventure. She created the original marinade and dressing in 1952/3 and then travelled over to England on a 6-week boat trip in 1954. She was on the boat where she met a couple who told her to turn right at Tilbury Docks and find a life in the countryside, rather than a short lived adventure in London. She ended up in Herefordshire where she met her husband and carried on making her sauces and marinades for her family. Her story is a story of discovery that is quite remarkable for its time. “Granny Tigg’s 12,000 miles of flavour” was how Tigg’s was first described.

Sam and Jacob were brought up on Granny Tigg’s sauces both via Granny and their mum. They believed that they could and should continue her legacy and bottle her original recipe after selling her sauces and dressings to their friends at university.

Granny Tigg is still at the heart of the business which launched in 2014. There are three additional Granny Tigg recipes to accompany the best-selling original and now Sam and Jacob have their own recipe on the way.



What is special about TIGG’S?

What isn’t special about Tigg’s?  Great story, unique flavours and an incredible recipe. The products are healthy, colourful, delicious and, in their very being, a talking point at dinner parties. Tigg's sauces are made to share, enjoy and tell others about.



What is Tigg's best-selling product? Why do you think this is?

The Sweet Original. This is also the one they love the most, the one with the most heritage and it was the only product they had for the first 18 months of the business. There is no other product like it.

With all that has been achieved in your business so far, what are you most proud of?

"There are so many highlights, varying from selling our very first bottle (such a fantastic feeling), through to hearing someone else talking about their love of the product (without being prompted!). Hearing others share their love of Tigg’s is incredible and makes us proud.

"We are also proud of how hard we have worked to get to know our customers and who our customers are. Our customer loyalty makes us very proud."


What are you looking forward to most about the Ludlow Food Festival?

It’s the best Food Festival in the UK. There is a huge variety of things to see. We love seeing our regular customers and meeting new. It is a foodie haven and we love being there.

Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions

Favourite Colour?

Both = Blue

Favourite Food?

Jacob – Sandwiches

Sam – Roast Dinner

Favourite tipple?

Both = Bitter

Favourite Restaurant?

The Book Shop in Hereford

The Shack in Hereford 

Favourite place to visit in the Marches?

Ludlow Castle

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