It’s March…Easter is around the corner….Spring is about to spring.  What will you give your loved ones at this special time?  Let me guess.  An Easter Egg?  A box of chocolates? An Easter Egg? A bunch of daffodils?  An Easter Egg?  You get the picture.  It’s hard to be original and think outside the Easter Egg box.


At Buy-From Shropshire we have a gorgeous treasure trove of goodies to help you celebrate feel good Spring.  I’ve picked out just some of them for you....

We have a fantastic range of prints to match your newfound seasonal optimism.  See the original linocut print by Hazel McNab, ‘Hareials’, which just bursts with fun.  Try and look at this picture and not smile.  


A wonderful print that captures Spring perfectly is the Kingfisher watercolour by Meg Hawkins Illustrations

Kingfisher Print by MHI

Or spend that little bit more for original artworks.  Take a look at some of these fabulous pieces…

We  have the original wire sculptures of the talented Stephanie Jacobs.  To me, her Kite flying pieces capture the bright, breezy essence of this time of year.  


Then we have Tilly Tea Dance's needle-felted and embroidery piece, 'Foxgloves and Daisies', capturing the colours of springtime.  


What about more March hares? I’m picking out the original watercolours of talented artists Jenny Tyler and Lesley Palmer.


Hare by Jenny Tyler Artist

Have you thought about a piece of springtime jewellery?  You’ll love  Ruth Gibson’s beautiful porcelain earrings in the fresh spring colours of subtle blue and green, or Manor House Designs’ magnificent Spring Garden Brooch.

Manor House Designs Springtime Brooch

And yes……………………..we can offer you chocolate!!  But, of course, chocolate with a difference.  Check out Chocolatey Choices novelty pieces like Chocolate Unicorns.  And we can offer you a range of products to match the ‘healthy yet delicious’ zeitgeist.  The SY1 Protein & Vegan Voodoo company produces of range of fantastic tasting and packaged chocolates, such as Vegan Peanut Butter Cups (buttercups..get it?), plus their Raw Energy Balls range .. Cacao dusted, or Chocolate Dipped, or Coconut Covered or, my own personal favourite, Coconut Covered Zesty Lime.  Yum!


With a wide range of prices from just a few ££’s and an equally wide range of imaginative gifts, there is something for everyone.  Go on…think outside the Easter Egg box this year.  Think Buy-from Shropshire.