In Conversation with: Home at No. 11

What is Home At Nº11? 

Home At Nº11 is a small lifestyle shop, with all those little treats we all love to make our homes that extra bit special and unique

What made you decide to open Home At Nº11? 

We had opened At Nº11 for pop ups, but realised very quickly that the pop ups wanted only peak days, primarily the weekends, so therefore the rest of the time the door was shut. Local people didn’t quite know what was going on. Home At Nº11 was born, pop ups can now share the space with Home At Nº11 or take on the space themselves.  

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love home interiors, I also love different and unique products, not just the one that you know all your friends may have. I love homes that feel cosy and warm whatever the season, that feel like a big mug of coco and the Sunday papers or a curl up on the sofa. Home Interiors can give you that sense, gorgeous colours, different fabrics all eclectically brought together. I feel too many of us worry about putting this colour with that, does that go with this, but there are lots of colours, fabric, and looks that go together to create that warmth that you want from a home.

You have just launched your e-commerce site - tell us more!

We do share all our products on the site, we are trying really hard to get out there on social media and encourage others to like and share us and of course buy from us.

What is your favourite item in your own home? 

I love lampshades, pendants and cushions. My favourite item is the most beautiful Tom Dixon Melt Copper Pendant, when the light is off it looks copper, when it is on it looks like molten lava!  Its gorgeous. 

What is your favourite colour to use in a kitchen? 

If you had asked me this 12 months ago I would have said Dark Grey and Light Grey. Grey is everywhere now and a great colour to use as a background - I do use it a lot.  But my favourite colour at the moment is Dark Blue. Farrow and Ball’s Inchyra Blue is my absolute favourite and I would love to have a painted kitchen in this colour with the beautiful Tom Dixon Copper pendants, the walls would have to be light grey, that would all look amazing. 

Quick Fire questions: 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Shropshire? In Shrewsbury -  The Golden Cross, love Theresa and Gareth who run it. In Shropshire  -  Docket 33 in Whitchurch. 
Where is your favourite view in Shropshire? I have two favourite views... Lyth Hill, gorgeous views towards Church Stretton and beyond, and The Cliffe, nr Nesscliffe, amazing 360 views!