Halloween Pumpkin Recipe

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Halloween is here! Its a time for roaring fires, trick or treating and of course carving pumpkins. I enjoy nothing more than taking time with my family to carve pumpkins. Scary witches on broomsticks, scary faces ( and this year) Peppa Pig! But what I enjoy the most out of these wonderful times is what we do AFTER the pumpkin has been carved. Most of us end up with bowls full of the oozing pumpkin flesh, mixed with slimy seeds that as a kid, I adored quishing my hands through, perhaps it reminded me of wizards potion, or the brains of Frankenstein. But as a grown women and an avid homecoo,k I see nothing more than a delicious supper & tasty snacks. Cooking up these delicious ripe pumpkin inards is simply as easy as throwing them on the compost heap or in the bin. Using a few basic methods,store cupboard ingedients ( I urge you to get out and buy a bottle of Bennett & Dunn’s Coldpressed Rapeseed Oil)  you can warm up your evening with these delicious recipes just in time for that yearly knock on your door!

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Autumn Spiced Pumpkin Soup with Roasted Spiced Pumpkin Seeds & Crispy Tortilla


For the Soup:

Pumpkin Inards

One large Onion

2 cloves of garlic

Stock Cube

300ml Water

(From The Store Cupboard)

Bennett & Dunn Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil



Dried Chilli Powder


Salt & Pepper


For the Roasted Seeds

Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil


Dried Chilli Powder


Salt & Pepper


To Finish

1 tsp Greek Yoghurt

Dry fried Tortilla Strips ( merely cut with scissors and dry fry until crisp)

Drizzle of Rapeseed Oil


Preheat oven to 200c


To begin, in a large based pan, add a healthy glug of Oil, shallow fry the garlic and onions till soft. The slower the better, the sweeter the onions, the richer the soup (Top Tip: Whilst frying the onions, add a splash of water once browning, this will create sweet, stickier onions as your base). Then add ½ teaspoon of cumin, turmeric, paprika, chilli powder and cook off for 2 minutes to take away the bitter taste of the dried spice.


Beforehand, separate the seeds and inards of the pumpkin into two bowls. I find a sieve can help!


Add all your pumpkin inards, even the spooky eye and mouth cut offs, nothing must go to waste. Coat and fry these with the spices for a couple of minutes to coat with flavour and create a nuttier taste to your soup. If you have time, pre roast the pumpkin to sweeten the flavour but both methods work as well! Then add 300ml of water & a stock cube ( veggie/ chicken) / enough to cover ingredients. Leave to cook on a low simmer for 20 minutes stirring occasionally.


In the meantime, take your pumpkin seeds and dry with a cloth. Less water the crispier the seeds. Throw them into a baking tray with a glug of Oil, a generous sprinkle of paprika, hot chilli powder, salt, pepper & a drizzle of honey. Make sure they are all coated evenly and throw in a hot preheated oven for 10/12 minutes/ until crisp & sizzling.


Once pumpkin is cooked through and your kitchen smells utterly delicious, use a blender or hand blender to blend into soup. I suggest creating a smooth soup rather than chunky, as inards can tend to be long and stringy and not as nice as a smooth rich soup. Add a generous amount of salt and pepper to taste, don’t be shy, the amount of soup to seasoning and pumpkin being a subtle vegetable owes itself to heavy seasoning. By this time your seeds should be hot and sizzling and ready to serve.


Generously pour your piping hot soup into a bowl, and sprinkle seeds on top. These seeds work amazing days after as a healthy savoury snack! I often have cold, unused tortillas in my fridge, so add some life back into them by scissoring into a pan and dry frying until crisp! Throw some on the top of your soup to add crunch and texture. By the end of the meal they have soaked up all the beautiful soup and are a tasty reward!


I like to add a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of Rapeseed oil, just to bring out the taste it’s flavours! Serve with a slab of sourdough, or freeze and use again by adding leftover chicken & cooked rice to create a warm hearty stew later on!


Just enough time to pour yourself a nice glass of red wine, put your slippers on, light your pumpkin and enjoy the fruits of your labour…Before the doorbell rings again!


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Happy Halloween!


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