Discover The Tipsy Tart at the International Spring Fair

The Tipsy Tart

How did THE TIPSY TART start?

We started approx 5 years ago making homemade liqueurs for friends at Xmas and was so popular that we started selling at the Ludlow market and just expanded from there due to the popularity of our products.



Describe THE TIPSY TART for us? 

Our vodka and gin liqueurs are the foundation of our homemade artisan products A love of life and living is our motto and enjoying drinks with friends and family.


What will you be bringing to the International Spring Fair with you? 

We will have samples of all our products and we hope that you will all come and have a taste of our vodkas and gins.

The Tipsy Tart


What can you tell us about the opportunity being given to you by Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association to exhibit at the Spring Fair?

We are very pleased to be part of the Buy-From Shropshire as for too long Shropshire has been a forgotten corner of the UK yet there are many fine artisan producers based in Shropshire and the buy from Shropshire help enormously to showcase our unique products.



With all that you have achieved so far in your business, what are you most proud of?

The fact that as a really small company we can stand next to many large producers and be competitive and, most times, more interesting!


What are your plans for your business in the future? 

We hope to steadily expand our business whilst retaining the artisan style of business.


Do you have a favourite/best-selling product/design? 

Our award winning white chocolate vodka is very popular and the mango & passionfruit gin are very big sellers

White Chocolate Vodka 


Do you have any new products or designs out for the International Spring Fair?

We try out new flavours all the time and we are bringing out a brand new product called Yuzu gin liqueur!!!  Come and try it as it is delicious


Who are you hoping to see at the International Spring Fair?  

We are expecting some of our regulars who buy from us for their own shops and hopefully many more retailers who want to get involved in our unique artisan products.