Discover Ruth Gibson Ceramics at International Spring Fair

Ruth Gibson


After completing my degree in Ceramics and Sculpture in 2003 I was offered all sorts of exciting opportunities in sculpture, and large arts projects, often working collaboratively, but these meant I didn’t have time to develop my own ceramic practice. Not until I moved house with a garden big enough to build a studio, and then had to build that studio….and then when my daughter was settled into primary school, I finally had a few hours each day to work on my designs. The business has evolved gradually over a number of years, as I responded to comments initially from friends and then customers and galleries alike.



I am a designer-maker working in porcelain and stoneware clays to produce a range of decorative ceramics from fine art works for the home, to small individual bowls and jewellery. Each piece is completely handcrafted by myself. Using my original photographs which are transferred to clay by hand screen printing each image, then every item is molded and crafted, sanded and polished before firing in one of two kilns. It is intense work and long days are spent in the studio to complete the volume of orders the business now attracts. I am currently training apprentices to carry out the simpler of tasks.

Ruth Gibson Ceramics


What will you be bringing to the International Spring Fair with you?

I will be bringing a variety of wall art of different sizes, depicted landscapes inspired by Shropshire and the Welsh mountains and coast. Along with some screen printed bowls on rough textured brick plinths, and a range of delicate porcelain jewellery.


Ruth Gibson Ceramics


What can you tell us about the opportunity being given to you by Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association to exhibit at the Spring Fair?

This is a truly amazing opportunity to be invited to exhibit here with these two fantastic professional bodies. Having the support from both Buy-From and the GA has been really invaluable, and I wouldn’t have contemplated exhibiting without them! The added bonus of a great price for our shared stand has made it affordable to a small scale business such as mine.




With all that you have achieved so far in your business, what are you most proud of?

A number of exhibitions that I have been selected to take part in, including South Korea last year and a sell-out exhibition at Plas Glyn y Weddw in LLanbedrog, Llyn Peninsula, and A Sense of Place, in Cardiff this year. I am currently making work of a quality and standard that I am proud of. I’m also very happy that I sell everything I make, so nothing hangs around in my studio for long!


What are your plans for your business in the future?

I am now working on employing a number of assistants to be trained in simple ceramic techniques in order to expand production levels. I also have a number of exhibitions in the pipeline including solo show at a Gallery in Wales which will include some large scale work and sculptures. I also intend to go on residencies abroad to expand my skills and refresh my own practice.


Do you have a favourite/best-selling product/design?

Yes it’s a seascape cut into standing stones, with the additions of glazes and texture of wood! It has a lightness and quality of sea and mountain that evokes a calmness. I am constantly amazed that I can achieve this by mark making on the surface of clay.


Do you have any new products or designs out for the International Spring Fair?

Yes new brick clay plinths for my range of smaller screen printed porcelain bowls.


Who are you hoping to see at the International Spring Fair?  

I am really hoping to attract fine art galleries and gift shops who deal in high-end one off designs.

Ruth Gibson Ceramics