Believing, Inspiring, Sharing | In Conversation with Hazel McNab


In Conversation with Hazel McNab


Name: 366 Hearts by Hazel McNab


Occupation:  Inspirational blogger


In three words describe 366 Hearts: 

Believing, inspiring, sharing.


How did your creative business start?

Slowly, one heart at a time. Initially a heart a day for a year, a Leap year hence 366 Hearts. 

Finding the process of  taking time to contemplate my day. Being creative and finding an inspirational quote for the next day is all a very positive thing to do. I have now painted well over 1000 hearts. Although it began as a personal journey it resonates with many people. I aim to inspire people everyday.



Have you got a favourite design/piece? What do you love about it?

An abstract painting of the Cornish sea by my friend Samantha Kay

I love the colour, the freshness and the energy. It’s like diving into a holiday.


What is your best-selling design/piece?

My little books of hearts. I now have 7 to chose from.

she-believed-in-herself.png      366-Hearts-Book.png

The original ‘she believed she could so she did’ is my current best seller. When I reached 1000 hearts, I chose 40 of my favourites and put them into a little gift book. I am excited to launch my latest collection of hearts ‘for my mum’ the perfect present to give to a mum on Mother’s Day. Instead of sending a card you can send a whole book of love to your mum.

Hazel McNab 366 Hearts Book for My Mum


What do you love most about running your creative business?

That I don’t think about it as work it’s something I love doing. I never stop seeing things that inspire me and figuring out in my head how to get them down on paper.


With all that has been achieved in your career so far, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of keeping going. To set a new goal of 1000 when I reached 366 seemed like a massive deal, but by painting a heart everyday, slowly and surely I got to my goal. It makes you realise that if you just stay focused you can achieve the unimaginable. I’m now on heart No. 1795 It’s not always easy and sometimes I wonder why, but then I’ll get a lovely message from someone out there telling me how much they appreciate receiving my hearts and I know why.


What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own creative business? 

Believe in yourself.

She Believed She Could | 366 Hearts


What are your plans for your business this year?

To create more awareness for 366 Hearts to reach 2000 and to sell more books.


Quick Fire Get To Know You Questions:


Favourite Colour?  Blue


Favourite Food? Japanese


Favourite tipple? Mojito


Hobby? Dancing Tango


Favourite place to visit in Shropshire? 

There’s a little pond on the Brown Clee. It’s quiet and peaceful. The dogs love to jump in. In the Spring it’s full of tadpoles. You could get to it by the path, or you could come upon it drenched by the rhododendron bushes you struggled through. On a hot Summer day I’d take the kids and a picnic and we’d all swim. 

Discover Hazel's stunning work at her studio at Maws Craft Centre, on her website or via Buy-From Shropshire


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