Hello Autumn-Scarves, Umbrellas and Autumn Salads


Hello Autumn!


That’s it, it has gone, in the blink of an eye, summer has gone before our eyes. No, I didn’t notice it either… The nights begin to draw in, the temperature drops and we reach for our umbrellas, hats and scarves. The TV always gets better (Yes, I am an unashamed Strictly Fan) and we seem to want to go out less and less.  But this does not mean that your BBQ needs to be put out and your salad forks need to placed back in their home to dust over until May next year. This is a time to use those rainy nights in to celebrate what is great locally! Now it is time to embrace the dull, wet, nights and keep the sizzle and sunshine in your kitchens! I must admit, I am a big fan of the Autumnal months. The produce that springs up in September and October is flavourful, versatile and can be pretty cheap! Whether its dinner with friends or a quick supper, the great thing with Autumnal produce is also the fact it lasts! Root Vegetables are prime this time of year, Butternut Squash, Pumpkins, Large onions, Blackberries, Pears, these warming wonderful fruits and Vegetables are store cupboard dreams and can easily adapt to any situation. There is nothing nicer than taking a long walk through our wonderful Shropshire Countryside, taking in the smells of the moist grasses and ferns, taking in the last edge of humidity, and going blackberry picking in the hedgerows. I must admit, more goes in my mouth than in my basket and I can tend to look like Violet Beauregarde by the end of the walk.pexels-photo-104665.jpeg

 Although the sunshine is saying its final farewells I still tend to cling onto my obsession with simple, tasty, and most of all quick Salads for a quick go-to dinner. Quickly roast some pears in honey, throw in some par boiled potatoes half way through the cooking, and toss with some peppery watercress and babyleaf, crumble some Roquefort cheese (walnuts or any piqante nut you may have) and a olive oil & vinegar dressing. Perfect easy dinner, and goes really well with a frittata or any meats you may have leftover from the Sunday Roast. I see Autumn as a time to take some time and appreciate this amazing produce, slow roasting, baking, simmering all these delicisiouly evocative words that make me salivate and can make simple Autumnal Fruit and veg become a thing of beauty. So don’t put down your sunglasses down to soon. Theres still time to create a little bit of sunshine in your kitchen! 

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