Exciting Product Launch from Hawthorn House

Hawthorn House was started 5 years ago when business owner Tami Murray was making candles as a hobby - fell in love with the process and filled every vessel in her home with products. Today she is renowned for her ability to create and capture a beautiful bouquet, by combining interesting and often unusual ingredients which are blended to create unique scents. Handcrafted in Shropshire, England.

Inspiration comes from Tami’s love of travelling and absorbing cultures. Her adventures and experiences have formed memories that have greatly influenced her individual creations. Blends of orange blossom are taken from her time spent in California where the fragrant scent perfumes the air, whilst Eastern travels have inspired more earthy tones and rich spices.

Taking such powerful, memory evoking scents and pairing with exquisite ingredients, has resulted in a range of versatile products that will dress your home with the finest fragrances.

The aim is to create home fragrance that is superior to those that are massed produced. The business ethos is to offer exquisite scent that lingers in the home and that is made from the finest purest ingredients.  

With an exciting new collection launching this month – you are all invited to Hawthorn House’s launch event taking place on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March at The Shop, Hawthorn House, The Old Stable, Upper Aston, Claverley WV5 7EE from 10am – 5pm daily.  

Visit the website now for more info - www.hawthornhouse.co.uk