Discover Risdon & Risdon at the International Spring Fair

How did Risdon & Risdon start?

Risdon & Risdon started through wanting to design a tough but stylish utility apron. Having seen heavier weight aprons abroad I wanted to create a traditional but design-led apron for a British market.


Describe Risdon & Risdon for us?

Risdon & Risdon is the family - and each one of us spending time and attention creating something we want the wearer to be as proud of as we are. 



What will you be bringing to the International Spring Fair with you?

Our canvas aprons are what we are known for but we will also be bringing some leather aprons, our very handy market bags and some of the beautiful knife rolls.


What can you tell us about the opportunity being given to you by Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association to exhibit at the Spring Fair?

It’s an incredible opportunity. We are still a small business and taking a stand at the Spring Fair by ourselves wouldn’t have been manageable practically or financially. With the support of Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association it means we can rub shoulders with businesses much more established and benefit from a lot of valuable exposure.


With all that you have achieved so far in your business, what are you most proud of?

Last year we won the Blue Patch New Business Award which we received at the London Design Fair.



What are your plans for your business in the future?

There are lots of directions we want to continue to grow in. Offering a broader range of aprons, and also designing specifically to different trades – the craft market have various skill and tool requirements that we can cater to.



Do you have a favourite/best-selling product/design?

Our Heritage Grey apron is always very popular. Its appeal goes from design students through to their grandparents!

Do you have any new products or designs out for the International Spring Fair?

We have expanded our leather apron range to include some beautiful suede pieces.