An Interview with: Bennett & Dunn and Moyden's Cheese

At the heart of this year’s Ludlow Food Festival was collaboration. With local businesses working together on a variety of projects, there was an unmissable community spirit. 

We chatted to Martin Moyden and Rupert Bennett at the festival to hear about their particularly successful collaboration; combining a new Moyden’s Cheese product with Bennett & Dunn oils led the pair to take home an incredible four awards. 

After Moyden’s Cheese created their Fretta cheese (a feta-like product), Michel Nijsten from Flavours of Shropshire recommended that they try marinating it with Bennett & Dunn oils. This suggestion proved inspired, with the marinated cheeses catching the attention of Ludlow Food Festival’s award judges.
With their new oak-smoked and naked (without oils) Fretta cheeses winning silver awards and their herb and lavender ones winning bronzes, Martin says they are “really proud”. 

Martin and Rupert talk with bright enthusiasm about the power of collaboration. 

“We’re trying to do things together, we’re trying to help and support each other, and we’re all trying to do the same thing,” says Martin. “If we can work together, then we’ll be stronger together.” 

Rupert agrees, responding, “It’s also really nice working with another quality business who has the same ethos as we do, producing things by hand of great quality, using great-quality ingredients… working with a like-minded person: it’s a no-brainer.” 

Will the collaboration between the two businesses continue in the future? With Martin pointing out that Bennett & Dunn have more oils to try, Rupert adds “We’re constantly doing different things; Martin’s constantly looking at different things. 

“If there’s something that we’re both looking at and it’s good, well, why not!” 

To find out more about the businesses, visit Moyden’s Cheese’s website here, and Bennett and Dunn’s here.

Blog by Lauren Brown, Communications Champion