Spotllight on: What a Pickle

Spotllight on: What a Pickle


We are over the moon that the wonderful Camilla of What a Pickle! is joining us again this year in the Buy-From Shropshire run at Ludlow Food Festival in its 25th year.

A lot of care and thought goes into each of Camilla’s creations. She is obsessed with great flavours and is always trialling new and different things. Everything that she develops goes through a rigorous process of taste trials – though it is often closest friends and family that are the harshest critics!

Camilla’s first product was her Tomato Chilli Jam (this is an absolute favourite of ours at Buy-From Shropshire – we can regularly be found eating it on a cheese sandwich at lunch time!). It was created to gently introduce her children to chilli flavours.

Camilla has lived in Shropshire all her life and being on the outskirts of Ludlow with its fabulous food enhanced her own love for food and cooking, she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Shropshire has lots of like-minded foodies around which Camilla thinks is great – “we keep each other on our toes and a bit of friendly competition keeps us all striving to be the best that we can be”. 

She loves Shropshire and feels very lucky to be able to base What a Pickle! here. She uses apples from her own garden to press for the juice that goes into her Fig and Mustard Sauce.

There is an abundance of interesting produce available and the county is perfect for living a healthy lifestyle for Camilla, her family and her business. When she has a day that has been spent staring at the computer screen or a hectic day of meetings and phone calls, she loves nothing more than quickly being able to have a walk through a couple of fields for some fresh air.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ludlow Food Festival, What a Pickle! are creating a limited edition product for the festival – don’t miss getting your hands on it! Ludlow Food Festival has had a huge influence on Camilla’s business – she can remember the first time she visited years ago, wishing even then to someday be one of the happy and excited stall holders! She believes that Ludlow Food Festival has an atmosphere like no other. As the pioneering UK food festival, it is hard to beat. 

Ludlow Castle makes a perfect atmospheric setting for the foodie haven that it transforms into. Every year the speakers are so exciting – Camilla wishes she could leave her stand to go and listen to everyone!

The main food festival season is hard work for producers, with few (if any!) days of rest. Whether it be preparing or attending they are always on the go. Camilla sometimes collaborates with Cheese Nibbles as their products complement each other so well – co-managing their stands helps with staffing and motivating each other!

Buy-From Shropshire is all about producers supporting and collaborating to benefit each other. Camilla is a perfect example of a passionate, hardworking producer that embodies Shropshire’s incredible food and drink provenance as a county.

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