Life is great…cheese makes it better.

Life is great…cheese makes it better.


Life is great...cheese makes it better. Moydens cheese makes it even better.

Martin and Beth Moyden use traditional cheese making techniques and are on a mission to keep artisan cheesemaking going. Martin was inspired by his grandmother’s tales of farming and food and became inspired by cheesemaking – the fact that a simple way of preserving milk, that has been done for over 9000 years can still be used today.

Their cheeses are award winning and are the essence of Shropshire provenance, with the milk coming from happy cows that graze Shropshire’s unique pastures.

The couple love being based in Shropshire. Martin says, “the scenery is stunning – it’s a privilege when we deliver to our customers as we travel all over Shropshire”.

When they do manage to take a break from cheese making Martin enjoys mountain biking, and Beth used to play water polo for GB. They also have two pedigree Ryland sheep one called Mary the other called Poppins!

Now…back to cheese…their best seller is Wrekin Blue (we can totally see why – it tastes amazing), though other cheeses are catching up! The personal family favourite of Martin and Beth is their original Newport. They say, “it’s just so versatile, it’s great on a cheeseboard but also great for cooking with – it’s great for some quick cheese on toast when the children are hungry!”.

One of the perks of being cheesemakers at Moyden’s HQ is access to the curds from the Newport before they get pressed – when they are super squeaky, fresh and delicious!
We are so happy that Moyden’s will be joining us in the Buy-From Shropshire run at Ludlow Food Festival again this year. Beth and Martin love Ludlow Food Festival – as do we! They say, “It’s all about Shropshire! The food festival is full of creative local producers showcasing what they can do. Customers can meet the actual producer of the food they are buying. The talks and demos are also fantastic!”.

Martin is particularly excited this year to seeing Arthur Potts Dawson, part of the chef’s manifesto looking at utilising and growing a wider variety of crops to aid the diversification of the modern diet, whilst helping to look after our soil and environment.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ludlow Food Festival, Moydens are making their latest cheese Fretta in an exclusive heart shape. We can’t wait to get our hands on these!
Martin and Beth produce traditional cheese recipes, using local Shropshire milk and name their range after Shropshire towns and landmarks. 

Each of their cheeses has a story to tell.

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