The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

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In business, there are two main ways in which you can view the business people around you: as competitors that you want to be more successful than, or as potential collaborators who you want to be more successful with.

When you approach business with the mind-set that other people around you are your competitors, it suddenly begins to feel like quite a lonely, hostile field to work in, with no-one to trust or rely on outside of your company.

When you open up to the possibility of collaboration, however, you realise that the people around you are not necessarily out to steal your ideas or clients (or, in fact, anything of yours). Rather, there is the possibility of an exchanging of thoughts and business approaches which mutually benefits you both.

We all have individual strengths and knowledge, and there is always more that can be learnt. While there may be some things that you know which the business people around do not, they will know plenty of things which you are yet to discover.

An example of a business collaboration which shows the huge benefits of working together is between Moyden’s Cheese and Bennett & Dunn. When the two businesses were introduced to each other, a combination of the cheese and oils by these expert producers led to an award-winning collaboration. Martin Moyden from Moyden’s Cheese says that collaboration can “shine a light on how new products can be used by the end consumer and things generally click into place!

“We share a mutual appreciation for quality and integrity and just by talking between us on what we are working on, ideas evolve,” he continues. “Development chef Michel Nijsten helped with the link which has now blossomed into several products and more to come.”

Recognising collaboration as a balanced giving and gaining of expertise and resources highlights the influence it can have in business development.If you are hoping for your business to grow and progress but you are unsure how to go about it, look around you; the business people who you previously considered to be competitors may deserve a re-evaluation.

There’s strength in numbers and power in collaboration.

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