Elizabeth Beckett Skincare and Bennett & Dunn rapeseed oil - a perfect match!

Elizabeth Beckett Skincare and Bennett & Dunn rapeseed oil - a perfect match!


The world of skincare and being a food producer may sound miles apart, but in this brilliant collaboration between Elizabeth Beckett Skincare and Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil they join up seamlessly.

Elizabeth Beckett Skincare is honest and natural, Bennett & Dunn is zero waste with absolutely nothing added, so their values align perfectly.

We love the cleanser with geranium which is Elizabeth’s best-selling product. It is a wonderful all-round product that cleans and moisturises and can also be used as a soap for hands, face and body. Bennett & Dunn have a wide range of rapeseed oil infusions – it’s a difficult choice but our personal favourites are chilli & garlic and lemon.

The collaboration happened through Elizabeth being very keen to reduce ‘beauty miles’ – this meant that using a local producer of oil was the obvious choice. Elizabeth contacted Rupert and Tracey of Bennett & Dunn and they were delighted to get on board and work together.

Both organisations have exciting new plans in the pipeline. As a zero-waste organisation Bennett & Dunn currently send their by-product to a local farmer to use as cattle feed. They are currently developing another fantastic new by-product creation also. Elizabeth Beckett collaborated with Josef Seibel and John Lewis in 2018 and is hoping to do something again with these.

Elizabeth’s two favourite products she has created are her hand cream with lavender and her facial oil with rose. She says that the rich rapeseed oil is extremely moisturising.

Both producers are passionate, creative, hard-working and love Shropshire.

Rupert and Tracey take great pride in producing a top-quality product. The oil is grown on a farm which provides a good habitat for the wonderful wildlife, insects, small mammals and birds of Shropshire. It preserves and plants hedgerows, maintains ponds, builds beetle banks and creates wildflower areas. The rapeseed oil is hand bottled by Rupert on the farm.

Elizabeth was born in Shropshire and feels very fortunate to be surrounded by such stunning countryside. She began creating her skincare range in her cottage near to Bridgnorth. As the business grew, she eventually converted an outbuilding to use as a workshop. As a farmer’s daughter she loves nothing more than walking her Labradors, Stella and Tank in the fresh air.

Bennett & Dunn are rightly proud that their rapeseed oil has very low food miles. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of food miles which is amazing, but this can also be the case for everything else and Elizabeth is inspired by the desire to do more to minimise beauty miles as well.

We love this collaboration and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 holds for these two businesses!

Photo credit: Karen HB Photography

Photo credit: Karen HB Photography





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