Lajina Masala Spice Pot

Lajina Leal's business, Lajina Masala, has been born out of her passion for quality, healthy Indian cooking. "I love to make the Masala Magic spice mix to give you the freedom to create perfectly seasoned and exciting flavour combinations."

The Lajina Masala Spice pots contain all the spices you need to create perfect curries in one pot. It is a perfect solution for any foodie and curry lover. Lajina has taken all the stress out of the cooking process and ensured that your curry is full of flavour. 

Lajina Masala Spice Pots have also been laboratory tested and is low fat, sugar and gluten free. These versatile little pots are packed full of bold flavours, and provide you with so many options; a Jalfrezi, Korma, Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh.

The Masala Magic Spice Pots are £2.99 each plus a delivery charge of £2.00 per order.

“If you need some inspiration on how to use Lajina Masala Pots, you can download my recipes here as a pdf.”

Product Details:

  • Low fat, sugar and gluten free;
  • Spice blends can be used to make multiple currie varieties;
  • For more information on the Spice Pots or cookery courses please email lajina@masalamagic.kitchen




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