Sloe Lemonade Fruit Pressé (case)

For the first time you can now buy Story Drinks online. The Sloe Lemonade is a heavenly blend of sun-ripened sloe berries which give this natural sparkling pressé a light, tangy edge.

Each fruit pressé is a blend of fruit juices and sparkling natural spring water, which has been filtered through the 250 million year old pebble beds of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, resulting in a delicious range of light, refreshing, low calorie, natural products, with nothing artificial added. 

Product Details:

  • Buy a case of 12 x 275ml bottles (£23.50) of Ever So Heavenly Sloe Lemonade;
  • 275ml glass bottles or 750ml glass bottles;
  • Nothing artificial added;
  • For more information, visit



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