Riley's Calming Candle

Does your dog get anxious sometimes? 

Riley can get a little anxious at bath time, but we know many dogs also struggle with:

Bringing them home after adoption
Bonfire night fireworks
Moving house
Being away from home
Introduction of a new baby or another pet

It’s not surprising really, dogs are creatures of habits so a change to their routine or home environment can cause stress to them and we have to do our best to minimise this as much as possible. With this in mind we have developed our own blend of essential oils and have handcrafted a calming candle to help your pet settle down and relax – you will likely find it helps you relax too – plus it smells divine!

We have used Sweet Orange & Frankincense essential oils in this candle, each with their own benefits and positive calming effects on dogs. As we have used soy wax, these are vegan friendly and all natural with no chemicals or nasties! It comes in a 180ml amber glass lidded jar so it can be popped away between uses if needed.



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