Coffee Making - Step by Step Framed Print

A great, fun gift .... check out the Tea Making and Gin 'N Tonic prints too!

“I have sketched stuff that is just ordinary but it is a depiction of life as it unfolds; step by step. I particularly enjoy the dalliances into cocktails and booze generally. As I sketch from real life, this obviously means that I have to actually drink the drinks and chop the lemons. What a chore!! So give me more to try.”


A gorgeous gift for all coffee lovers ...... at any time of year.

Mini - Approx 21cm x 16cm  (8 inch x 6 inch) £15 

Mid - Approx 27cm x 20cm (10 inch x 8 inch)  £25 

A4 size Approx 38cm x 28cm (14 inch x 11 inch) £55 framed  or can buy as just mounted print for £30 (framing takes approx 2 weeks) 

Glicee print on watercolour paper presented in a white frame

Signed by artist



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