Richard Childs Photography: Once Loved Collection


Every human leaves a footprint, long after they have moved on. Richard Childs' inspirational photography of locations once loved contains staggering images of abandoned homes, buildings, cars, places where people once lived, loved and worked. The photographs are stunningly beautiful and eerie. There is a sadness to them too as they feature a lost history. Richard scouts locations, spending hours and sometimes days, waiting for the perfect conditions to capture the most striking photograph. Enjoy browsing through his Once Loved Range. Click on the link to Buy From Richard direct.

Product Details and Options:

  • These are produced using the very highest quality papers and archival inks that will provide well in excess of a lifetime's viewing pleasure.
  • The prints are bonded onto a high quality backing to ensure that the paper doesn’t buckle behind the glass once framed.
  • They are then mounted in bevel cut, white core, acid neutral card and backed with a water repellent fluted backing board and are ready to frame.
  • Depending on size and style the larger images (16×20) and above are all double mounted for higher quality.
  • Most images will be prepared to order so please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

10×8 inch image          £38.00 mounted - £50 framed

12x15inch image         £58.00 mounted - £90 framed

16x20inch image        £90.00 mounted - £125 framed

20x24inch image       £115.00 mounted - £149 framed

24x30inch image       £145.00 mounted - £195 framed

30x38inch image       £180.00 mounted - £235 framed

Please note that we can not deliver framed items over 12×15 due to the high risk of damage.



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