Hold Your Horse

Hold Your Horse came about as the result of my passion for crafts and my love of my horse. I started making more traditional hand made jewellery and then had a go at Kumihimo braiding. I then tried braiding with horse hair and friends asked me to make pieces for them. I started showing my horse hair pieces with my more ordinary jewellery and it has taken off to the extent that I now have Hold Your Horse. At Hold Your Horse I produce handmade pieces of jewellery using your horse or pet hair so that you can keep them close. Each piece is made by me. I use horse hair in Kumihimo braids and I also take shorter horse hair, pet hair and even ashes and set them in jewellery grade resin in handmade or ready made Sterling and Fine Silver pieces. People ask for different things and this in turn extends my range which now includes resin, horse teeth, ashes .....