Tug Of War


See the return of the iconic Clash of the Titans Tug of War event, hosted by the British Ironwork Centre. A gruelling trial of strength and endurance, the annual Tug of War challenge returns this year bringing together teams from across the county all competing for a chance of eternal glory. The event will see more teams than ever before with the first pull taking place at 12pm.

As each year passed and a new winner was celebrated, the competition became fiercer and the banter even more brutal! Last year for the first time since its inception, this battle of brawn saw the induction of three incredible ladies teams. The Rea Valley Farmers emerged victorious after a final showdown with the rope traditionally set alight for the final pull, they claimed the trophy for 1016, but the question is what will September bring? Could you be the next triumphant titan?

More information to follow.

British Ironworks Centre
SY11 4JH