Meg Hawkins Artist

07811 672460
Meg Hawkins is an award winning British watercolour artist responsible for a dynamic, co-ordinated successful range of superb quality greetings cards and prints, and now expanding into kitchenware, lampshades, cushions, clothing, splashbacks and fabrics featuring her original artwork. Meg works from her stunning rural studio in the Shropshire Hills, from where her work is sold all over the world. Her unique style reflects the movement and energy of her subjects. By blending colour and method, Meg has become known and loved for her emotive and joyous range of work. This relationship with her customers has developed through the characterisation of of each design, a popular process Meg brilliantly exploits on social media.

Meg’s work is designed to bring life and joy to any home. She has a desire to create beautiful pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day.

Having a pretty enhanced background studying art and sculpture at college, then furthering her education in Interior design and later on Photography, she found herself married to a cockney builder with a young family of 4 children. She took up photography as a career for over 16 years. Now her family are growing up and are spreading their own wings. Meg took up her passion for Art again and accelerated full swing into creating beautiful images to suit anyone's homes.