Jan Park: Studio & Gallery

Fine Artist
07967 487693
A longstanding love of nature, crumbling architecture and decoration provide a constant and exciting source of inspiration for my work. Imagery is recorded in my sketchbook whilst out exploring on my travels. There are no pre conceived ideas and the final outcome is always unknown and I have no idea how the work will develop or end. Once back in the studio, my work develops and instinctively evolves.

A fusion of paint, fabrics, metals, stitching etc. indeed whatever materials or technique is required, is used to create colourful, textured artworks. My works is usually (but not always) uplifting and joyous, often reflecting a sense of place or a moment in time, reminding the viewer of some where, something or someone…..

Original artworks are for sale, many are available as limited edition prints, greeting cards, scarves etc.

Visit Jan's Studio at:

Fusion, Church Road