A J May Art

I am a Wildlife and Landscape Artist living and working in North Shropshire. My business brings to market my original Artwork, prints both Giclee and Digital, framed and unframed, cards and a growing range of merchandise. I have worked as an Artist and Community Arts provider for over 20 years. 

Taking my inspiration from the beautiful Shropshire Countryside, my work represents a celebration of Flora, Fauna and Landscape. Having developed a detailed black and white Pen & Ink style for magazine illustrations early in my career, I now work with fine nibbed Rotring Pens for detail and Acrylic Ink for colour. The level of detail in my Pen & Ink work means that it can take up to a year to complete some pieces. I also enjoy working with Chalk Pastels. Focusing on mood and atmosphere rather than detail. This creates a complete contrast to my Pen & Ink pictures.