Handmade Bags
"The name evolved from the discovery of my late mum’s button box. Some of the buttons were from my grandmother’s collection. A secret treasure. Many people have shared their own memories of button boxes, which were a source of joy and entertainment as children. Happy days!
After many years working in both the private and public sectors, including running my own PR and Marketing business, so much changed when my mum became ill; my priorities changed. I took a step back, and an opportunity presented itself to turn a hobby into a business of a different kind. Supportive friends and family started to buy my products: bags, handmade cards and bunting. When I began receiving orders for bespoke items and repeat orders, this provided me with even greater motivation to grow the business. Buttonbury has allowed me to tap into a creative side which, until recently, had remained unexplored.  A wonderful bonus has been meeting so many friendly, supportive and talented Shropshire crafters, who are working so hard to develop and grow their own businesses throughout our beautiful county." 
Sandra Harris, Buttonbury