What a Pickle

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I have always had a intriguing love of great  flavours in my cooking.  As a child I was an enthusiastic assistant in the kitchen to my Mother.  This led me to being a great cooking experimenter, new and exciting things were continually added to my recipe repertoire. It really is no surprise that I am now involved in the food world. 

I was inspired by my friend Lucy to start making my Tomato Chilli Jam in small batches of 10.  Their first incarnation was in half litre kilner jars and selling them through her fantastic travelling delicatessan. This then led me to supply some of the best independent food shops in Shropshire and a national supermarket. 

My focus now, is to reach every specialist retailer in Britain and to continue supporting the Great British Food Revolution that I am exceptionally proud to be part of. 

I have developed 3 additional flavours to add to the range, Red Onion Marmalade, Hot Chilli Jam and Carrot and Coriander Relish.

What A Pickle! has recently undergone a very successful rebrand, it now holds its own better than ever on the shelf with it's bright, cheerful and clear label.  

I love visiting my stockists and undertaking taster days,  it is introducing and inspiring the product to customers that drives me, as well as continuing to develop new and exciting concoctions to add to my range.