Ruth Gibson | Trees & Branches Rectangular Chunky Dish

Ruth Gibson uses ceramic screen printing techniques to apply photographic images onto rolled out porcelain. Her photographs include architectural imagery, pebbles, cobwebs, water droplets, shadows, the murmurations of starlings. She looks to capture strong black and white images with plenty of contrast and texture that lend themselves to this ceramic printing process. In this range, Ruth has used stunning photography of the Shropshire countryside, beautifully screen-printed on to a rectangular porcelain dish.

Ruth's stunning rectagular chunky dish reflects the incredible way in which she can manipulate and craft with her media.

“As a ceramic artist I have always been fascinated by the way in which ceramics has been used as a way of recording and learning about the past. In my current studio practice I endeavour to capture slices of the past on clay, combining photography and ceramic printing techniques.”

Product Details:

Screen printed porcelain dish;

Handmade in Shropshire;

For commissions please contact ruth@ruthgibsonceramics.co.uk.



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