Ruth Gibson | Murmuration Triangular Dish

"A murmuration of starlings is an amazing sight - a swooping mass of thousands of birds whirling in the sky above your head." RSPB

Ruth Gibson has recreated the mesmerising image of a murmuration of starlings on a stunning triangular dish. The Murmuration Triangular Dish makes for a beautiful gift; the Murmuration Collection is incredibly tranquil.

“As a ceramic artist I have always been fascinated by the way in which ceramics has been used as a way of recording and learning about the past. In my current studio practice I endeavour to capture slices of the past on clay, combining photography and ceramic printing techniques.”

Product details:

Murmuration Triangular Dish - Screen-Printed Porcelain;

Fired to 1250 degrees C using black underglaze;

Handmade in Shropshire;

For commissions email ruth@ruthgibsonceramics.co.uk.



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