366 Heart Commissions

366 Heart Commissions

Why the name?  Hearts embody all that is precious to artist, Hazel McNab.  In 2012, she set herself the creative challenge of painting a new heart EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout the year.  It was a labour of love .....and an opportunity for you buy a really special present for that really special person.

You can COMMISSION  a heart from Hazel for any significant occasion... a birthday, an anniversary, to honour someone's memory.  You can trust Hazel to interpret your messages and memories and create a unique piece of art - a personal heart.   Can anything be more special?

Get in touch with Hazel at 366hearts@gmail.com to chat about what you'd like to capture.


 "Thank you very much for the picture it looks beautiful. Michael is my best friend, and I really appreciate being able to give him and Rashmi something which captures so well the essence of their union. It is infinitely better than merely contributing to a wedding list." Adrian.

“Thank you for a beautiful, personal heart for my daughter. You captured her entirely and this was the perfect way to commemorate a big event in her life. Your attention to detail was amazing and you turned this around so quickly for us. She is so proud having a heart commissioned just for her. Thanks again.” Victoria.



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