We'll be back soon! 

Buy-From Shropshire is changing, soon to be Buy-From Food & Drink. If you have any questions you can get in touch with us over at: www.buy-from.com


Buy-From Shropshire has been running for 5 years. During this time we have met many amazing businesses within Shropshire, from artists, creatives and of course food and drink businesses. We have strived to create community - an opportunity for independent businesses within the county to network, showcase and champion their talents. We have facilitated lots of exciting opportunities from a shared space at Ludlow Food Festival to a buyers trade show and much more. Each year Buy-From Shropshire has revised its offering and evolved to ensure it is always facilitating opportunity to these businesses. 


From recent feedback from members and speaking with other businesses in the county, we have, as a team, reviewed everything that Buy-From Shropshire does and worked out a way forward that best suits all businesses involved, new businesses going forward and Buy-From as a business itself. The outcome is to create Buy-From Food and Drink. An exciting new offer to businesses that are not only in Shropshire but also further afield but to have a true focus on the food and drink market. We will work with food and drink businesses, organisations and events, providing a full scope of marketing services that drives commercial growth and success.